The Vision of St John's College of Theology and Development

St John's college serves not just Wau Diocese alone but all the ECSSS diocese of the Bahr el Ghazel cluster and all church groups in that area in good standing with them.


  • Quality Education for Church Growth and community Transformation.


  • To equip church leaders and other Church workers to with knowledge and skills to transform their communities and to reach out to unreached communities and nations through sharing of God’s word and social ministry.


  •  To train Clergy who were ordained without Theological Training during the war.
  • To build peace among communities through understanding of the word of God.
  • To reach out to unreached communities through training of Evangelists.
  • To equip Church Pastors and other Church workers with knowledge and skills for spiritual and social transformation.


  • Understanding
  • Care for people’s spiritual and social needs
  • Respect for human dignity and rights.
  • Agape (Unconditional love)