St John's College of Theology and Development -

Official e-mail Contacts

Please remember when contacting St John's staff that internet connections are slow and that few people have their own computer, relying on internet cafe's and the good will of NGOs. It is vital to keep messages short and avoid large attachments. The college is focussed on improving it's communications and any help towards this would be greatly appreciated.

The highlighted e-mail addresses are active, the others are in the process of being set up and are not yet live.



                E-mail Address

Mr Alenya Caesar


Mr Tadeo Egesa

Academic Dean

Ms Patricia Ampurire

Administrative & Finance Officer

Rev Peter Jonathan

Acting Head, Department of Theology

Mr Tadeo Egesa

Head of Department of Business

Mr Simon Luciano

Head of Department of Education

Mr Paulino Aguer

Public Relations Officer
Rev Marial Dhukuei 

Acting Dean of Students

Rev Samuel Gatjiek 

College Librarian

Ms Rebecca Malith

IT and Communications Officer