Attending our college is just one step on your own personal journey. But it is an important step because we can enable you to greater things. See this list below of people that have studied and graduated from St John's. See what they are doing now - if they can do it you can do it.


Rev Peter Jonathan became the Dean of the Good Shepherd Cathedral in Wau before going to Uganda Christian University for a Bachelor of Divinity Degree as well as becoming the Coordinator of Raja Area Diocese. Rev Peter is from Greater Equatoria (originally from the Diocese of Mundri) and is an SPLA (South Sudan army) Chaplain.

Rev Opio Mathieu became a producer of Gospel Messages in Luo language in a community Radio known as Good News Radio run by an organization known as Every Village based in Tonj. Rev Opio is from the Diocese of Wau and is an SPLA (South Sudan army) Chaplain.

Rev Andrea Ngong Deng is currently the Assistant Coordinator for Bishop Riak Prison Ministry in Northern Bahr El Ghazal Internal Province as well as the HIV & AIDS Coordinator in the Province. His first appointment after graduating from St John's College was the Dean of St Mary Cathedral in Kuajok, in the New Diocese of Gogrial.

Evangelist Akeen Akoon is currently the Head Teacher of ECSS Primary School in Kuajok.

Mrs Kekulina Edith Lual the only female graduate from the College so far is currently serving as layreader in the English Service at Good Shepherd Cathedral in Wau as well as working with World Concern Organization as Adult Literacy and Business Skills trainer implementing a project being supported by Five Talent-US.

Rev Joseph Uyu Uguak served as the Mission and Evangelism Coordinator for the Diocese of Wau before going to for a Bachelor degree in Community Development at Africa Renewal University in Kamapla Uganda in January this year.

Mr Simon Abik Uguak who will graduate in December this year with a Diploma in Business Administration-accounting and finance option has already taken over from Mr Malong Garang as the Diocesan Finance Officer for the Diocese of Wau.

Rev Samuel Gatjiek Muot is currently the Pastor in charge (Vicar) of the Nuer congregation at Grinti Military Barrack as well as Security Officer for Northern Bhar El Ghazal Internal Province. Rev Gatjiek is from Upper Nile Region (originally from the Diocese of Akobo)

Rev Jacob Yong Deng is also the Pastor in charge of Dinka congregation at Grinti Barrack. Rev Yong is from Upper Nile Region (originally from the Diocese of Bor)

Rev Joseph Mamer (the first Principal of the College) is now the Suffragan Bishop of Wanjok Area Diocese

Rev Joseph Makuach (the second Principal) is now the Assistant Faith and Development Officer in World Vision South Sudan.

Rev Abraham Ngor (third Principal) became the Bishop of Gogrial Diocese.

Rev Samuel Mabith Madut was one of the first graduates with Diploma in Theology from St John's College and worked Diocesan Communications Officer the Diocese of Wau before graduation and later as Diocesan Administrative Secretary. He is currently pursuing Bachelor of Communications Degree at Pan Africa Christian University in Nairobi Kenya. He will become the Communications Officer for Northern Bhar El Ghazal Internal Province in future.

Rev William Majok took over from Sanmuel Mabith as Diocesan Communications Officer and then Diocesan Administrative Secretary for the Diocese of Wau.

Rev Zachariah Dut Kuot is currently working as Assistant Diocesan Secretary and Logistics Officer for the Diocese of Wau

Ven Jacob Achuil Akeen is the Archdeacon of Wau East Archdeaconry and Chairperson of Parent Teachers Associations of two ECSS Primary Schools-Piantok and Emmanuel Primary Schools in Eastern Bank, Diocese of Wau.

These are some of the students working in Wau or Gogrial which is near, but there are many others who went back to the Dioceses of Rumbek and AweilMost of our business students are already businessmen/ women in Wau town or local government Administrators. At one point we had a Minister of Local Government and law enforcement Agencies of Wau State in the College.

We have graduated a number of students in short courses such as English, Computer and business skills which are working with either the Government or NGOs. Most of our education students are also teachers in Church and Government schools around Wau teaching in the morning and attending classes in the afternoon.

So most of our students are already doing something for the church and the wider community even before they finish their studies. The reason for this is that there is a huge need for skilled personnel. So our students are always in demand. One of our students in Tonj did not complete his Diploma in Theology because the Commissioner appointed him as Head Teacher of one of the Government Schools in his County.

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